Machines carried out under the system PERFECT GEOMETRY get an optimal biomechanical regardless the height of the person. Its design is based on a map of movement ‘points for 6 different heights of users: 1.50, 1.60, 1.70, 1.80, 1.90 and 2.00 meters, obtaining the perfect bike. The incline of the seat, handlebars and pedalier match up with the standard sizes in a conventional bike. In this way, not only eliminate we unnecessary regulation systems, but we avoid that the customer adjusts this fittings in a wrong way, causing an inadequate posture with risk of injures.


It is a bike to use anti vandalism, to be anchored to the bottom of the pool in order not to be moved by the customers. The tubes of the saddle and handlebars are telescopic for the adjustment of the user’s height, but they have a safety guide to prevent the client from extracting totally the bike and cause an incident. This model incorporates a banner of exercises which indicates in different languages SPANISH-ENGLISH, FRENCH-ENGLISH, the different types of training or the name of the hotel.

To use anti vandalism in recreational pools with many users, water parks, spas, hotels and public swimming pools, where it is necessary to guarantee that no one could move the bikes either by the movement of the water or of the user.

Adjustable pedal which adapts to any foot size, extremely comfortable.
Easy adjustable saddle to improve confort.

To offer the clients of the swimming pool the opportunity to do physical cardiovascular exercise with total guarantee of functionality, to a low cost of purchase, void cost of maintenance and ensuring their use for many years. The profitability of the machines bearing purchase price in mind, hours of use and number of users, it is excellent.

Handlebar holder and 500cl bottle.
PTE ultra reinforced silenbloc support.

Internal guide system of the saddle and the handlebar tube that prevent the user from separating them from the rest of the bike. Supports of foot to screw the bike at the bottom of the pool with eight screws of great diameter and little depth to avoid breaking the tightness of the pool. Closings of the saddle and handlebar not removable, built in AISI 316L. Frontal banner in ultra resistant material to personalize with the name of the hotel or tables of exercises in different languages.

The legs have water evacuation channels to facilitate the exit of the inner water in less than 1.5 seconds.
Large diameter stainless armored Gears, operation guaranteed for a lifetime.