The aquatic fitness revolution.

The first Push-Pull functional exercise tool in the water with up to 20Kg of resistance and weight. POOLBAG and POOLBALL are the perfect complement to cardio-POOLBIKING training with functional training.

The effort to be made is determined by the amount of water-air inside the POOLBAG, the more water inside the POOLBAG the more resistance out of the water. The less water the less resistance in the water.
Unlimited exercises, combining strength and balance out of the water and resistance and balance sinking the POOLBAG in the water. The most complete functional workout possible.
POOLBAG the infinite tool for pool training in and out of the water.

Cylindrical airbag with 4 handles. Maximum capacity of 20L

Cylindrical airbag with 4 handles. Maximum capacity of 10L

Ball-shaped airbag with 2 handles for easy grip. Maximum capacity 15L.

Inflation valve
To regulate the intensity of the exercises, fill the POOLBAG and POOLBALL with water.