Lenght: 200cm / Width: 85cm / Thickness: 15cm

It allows hooking until 10 POOLMAT instead of do it in the racing lines. Optimizes the space necessary, at the time that gives a global vision of all the users that are doing the exercises.

Manufactured with an exclusive technology and ultra-reinforced with a double layer of polymer, sewn to the insider drop-stitch that gives to the product a higher durability and resistance.



Multidisciplinary aquatic training platform of high resistance.
Designed for functional exercises, Pilates, yoga and Tai chí.
The exercises done over the platform force us to maintain the balance and the stability with an important CORE workout, improving noticeably the strength and the abdominal resistance. 50% stability, 30% strength and 20% resistance.
Ultra-resistant construction, suitable for indoor and outdoor pools.


Extra large brush finished pad for comfort and grip.

1.76 Kg/cm2 and 15 cm drop stitch core for ultra-stability.

Designed to fit between standard pool lanes.

Handles and attachment points for adding accessories.

Extremely lightweight and easy to store.

Capacity of more than 140 Kgs.

Bungee tie downs for personal items.

Bungee attachment cords with quick release clips.

High pressure hand pump.


As an added value to the Branding strategy of the hotel, POOLMAT can be personalized with its corporative image; The customer will associate the hotel’s brand with the experience of practicing an innovative trendy activity.


Hand pump.
Triple action pump.