We offer training programs to guarantee a correct use of our products.
Our workshops are supervised by Master Trainers:

Guillermo Rozas
Higher trainer and swimming instructor National instructor of athletics. Master Trainer of POOLBIKING and Aquatic Fitness.Trainer Base of Triathlon. Training responsible in an important company of fitness instructors, with more than 150 trainers.Long distance triathlete (Ironman).

Esteve Camps
Degree in Sports Science INEFC Barcelona. Physical education teacher in UDL Lleida. ACE Certified Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercice). POOLBIKING Master Trainer and training responsible. Responsible for POOLBIKING CORE biomechanical design.

Raphael Ritter
First certifícate in Swimming activities. Master in Sports Coaching. Player of the French Water polo senior team (14 European cups with Montpellier).

Yaikimi Jara
Master Trainer POOLBIKING specialized in entertainers of hotel, designer of specific programs for hotels and resorts.

Javier Bergas
POOLBIKING International Master Trainer. Graduated in Phisical Education. Master Trainer and International Aquafitness Presenter. APS Director (Aquafitness Professional Systems). Creator of the program Postural Water.

Maribel Garcia
Graduate in sports Coaching. Aquawellness Instructor. Trainer personal POOLBIKING. Certification of High Sports Performance. Manager of WELLNESS FITNESS CENTRE GUI.

Dani Buyo
PHD Student in Physical education by the University Rovira i Virgili. Graduated in Physical education. Masters in Quality of Life. World-wide Recordman of Indoor cycling.

Christophe Jennequin
Graduate BEESAN (Brevet d'Etat d'Educateur Sportif aux Activités de la Natation, 1er Degré Tronc Commun et Spécifique Natation). Graduate BNSSA (Brevet National de Sécurité et de Sauvetage Aquatique). POOLBIKING Master Trainer. Sports Instructor and responsible instructor for the training of Swimmers and Aquabiking teachers. Continuous training in: Physiology, Biology and Sports Nutrition. Triathlete and author of a literary work "L'essentiel de l’aquabiking".