Poolbiking HOTELS

POOLBIKING is fitness, sport, fun and health. Five continent’s best Hotels and Holiday Resorts are offering this trend to their customers as an unforgettable experience.



POOLBIKING is trend as a leisure activity in the best resorts worldwide.


Complete aquatic gym suitable for Premium hotels.

Customer experience multiplies in the spa.


The Spanish company was born in 2007 with the aim of becoming the best manufacturer of aquatic fitness equipment. Currently, the company is world leader in sales and innovation and it is present in the five continents. The commitment of its team with the excellence has reached that the brand be recognised as the best aquatic bike in the sector.

All its machines are manufactured in Barcelona, following the most strict quality controls and they are designed closely with doctors, physical therapists, sports men and professionals in order to develop the best biomechanics applied to water and get the best results in rehabilitation and sports enhancement.

Poolbiking Made in Barcelona
Pedal biologically tested
Poolbiking international rules
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